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Outlook 2007
Setting up Your Email

This tutorial shows you how to create a new folder and designate it an inbox for your new email account. By using Rules and Alerts we will prevent outlook from delivering messages to our default inbox. By taking advantage of additional inboxes your incoming dispatches will be better organized and you'll limit confusion as to which account incoming mail was targeted.

Step 1:

First we need to create a folder to designate as the Inbox. Click File, New and select Folder.

Step 2:

In the Create New Folder panel, name your new folder, we called ours Sample Inbox, but the name can be anything you find helpful.
Exchange users, insure you specify a Personal Folder region for the new folder.
Click OK.
You will now see your new folder in the region you specified.
Add Personal Folders

Step 3:

Now we need to create the rule that directs the incoming messages for our account to this new destination.

Click Tools and select Rules and Alerts.

Step 5:

Click New Rule..

Step 6

In the Rules Wizard, we can leave the default selected for now. We'll be changing it anyway. Click Next

Step 7

In the Rules Wizard, follow these steps to specify a new destination:
  • In the Step 1 panel: uncheck from people or distribution list if it is checked
  • Check through the specified account
  • In the Step 2 panel: click specified and in the dialog box select your email account
  • click specified in the move to folder and select your destination from the dialog box
  • Click Finish
Step 8

Click Apply.

Step 9

With the Rule in place, click Send/Receive and you should see a similar prompt as all accounts are checked and new messages delivered to your new account inbox!

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